Local Resource Guides

Arroyo Pescadero Trail, Whittier California

What's In Our Area?

Parks, trails, museums oh my! The map below provides lots of options to engage in STEM learning both inside and outdoors! The map contains (1) trails & parks; (2) museums, zoos & aquariums; (3) nature centers & gardens; and (4) additional interesting places/spaces in Whittier.

If you are looking for additional trails in the area, a good resource is AllTrails. You can search by city, trail name, or park. 


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Local Resource Guides

The Science Circus Whittier Team has developed Local Resource Guides for several of these locations. Local Resource Guides introduce science concepts and promote spending time in nature, family participation and learning for little to no charge.

Remember to enjoy these locations responsibly. Check first to see hours of operation. For outdoor spaces, remember to follow all local, state, and federal guidelines regarding wildlife, parks, and nature centers.  

The Science Circus Whittier Project is thankful for all translations provided by Maria Roncero